We both grew up in California, though in different parts; Dave in Northern (Sacramento and also made San Francisco his home for a bit), Chelsea in Southern (and lived in Paris for a year). We met in Long Beach and within six months of dating, we were traveling to new places and countries together. Collectively we've been to 33 countries outside of the U.S. (and counting!). When Dave got accepted to a Ph.D. program in the Fall of 2017, we packed our bags and moved to Tasmania, Australia...and then the real adventure began.

We started Culture Shoque as a way to connect with others while we're abroad, but also to show just how big and small the world can be. Even with 195 countries and so many different cultures in the world—when you look at the big picture things: food, family, happiness, and art, you realize that we aren't all that different. In fact, there's a community and a connection. Our goal is to foster that and get you out exploring, connecting and sharing. 

Origins of Culture Shoque

-Studied Marine Biology for his Master's + currently working on Ph.D. in Biology 
-Committed to environmental projects 
-Advocate of good tacos and craft beer
-Fun Fact: First learned to drive a manual car in Australia (completely opposite of the US)


-Studied Art History and French
-Photographer and Writer
-Always on the lookout for good podcasts (uplifting, historical, or food-based) and YA novels
-Fun Fact: Once starred in a Chinese jewelry commercial filmed in Paris 


meet the duo

Culture Shoque is digital destination and channel designed to cultivate relationships in your community and while traveling. By breaking down barriers and xenophobia through the exploration of customs and food, the pursuit of joy, and environmental conservation, the goal is to show that at the core, we aren’t all that different. In fact, we all stem from similar roots. It’s time to nourish them and grow together.